Application of Sealcoat

Not all asphalt sealers are the same and the application DOES make a difference.

Most sealcoat companies in Augusta and the CSRA purchase the same material and apply it the same way without taking into consideration  weather, current asphalt condition and other variables into account. Many variables such as asphalt temperature, daytime temperature, sunlight exposure, humidity, application type, condition of pavement, and time to re-open lot are just some of the variables we monitor. Naturally, these are not all the same everyday so why should the material being supplied be the same. Part of the performance of a sealcoat is determining the right conditions and then tailoring the sealcoat blend to meet those variables thereby providing the best sealing application. Additives can be used to increase drying time, curing time, and suspending sand in solutions better are just some of the items we tweak to get the best job. Also, we blend the concentration of sealer/solids and water along with the additives to maximize the quality job.



sealcoating dual application

  • Two coats is not a double spray coat. Two coats requires a drying time between coats and is actually two complete coats of sealer. The picture to the right is sold as two coats!! It’s not. This is a one coat application and it will not last! As the only sealcoating company in the East Georgia and South Carolina area with a squeegee machine, we can and do offer the best alternative for application.
  • Spraying sealer will NOT penetrate cracks. The only way to get sealer into the voids and cracks in the asphalt is to “push or force” it into these areas manually with a brush or squeegee. We would be happy to come to your facility and squeegee a space and then spray the space next to it and you will see the difference. Notice the uneven application to the right.
  • Most manufacturers recommend in their literature a 2 coat application; the first being a squeegee/brush application to apply a thicker coat and to get material into the voids and cracks. The 2nd coat is typically a spray application which provides an even coat on the top surface of the asphalt and sealer.
  • Typically, a squeegee application yields around 50-65 sq ft per gallon of material. A spray application is typically around 90-110 sq ft (depends on the person waving the wand). It is easy to see that a 2 coat application using a squeegee or brush requires about 50% more sealer per sq ft on the asphalt, this material is on the asphalt and in the cracks and voids. This is why a proper 2 coat sealing application will last 2-3 years longer than just simply spraying sealer on the asphalt. The application to the right shows an evenly applied sealcoat spray application.

parking lot paving contractorsA dual application approach to sealcoating asphalt is superior to a single type of application. A squeegee machine has many benefits to applying sealer to asphalt.

  • The material makeup can be thicker, but using a higher concentration of sealer, sand and additives provides for longer life and better traction.  We work with our sealcoat supplier to create the proper mixture so you get the best results.
  • The sealer is “forced down into the asphalt, filling cracks, voids and other imperfections. By forcing the sealer into the asphalt and then squeegeeing off the remainder, this application provides protection that spraying cannot- even 2 coats of spraying will not get into the voids and cracks.
  • Unlike a human using a spray wand, the squeegee machine applies a consistent amount of material across the asphalt, leaving a better surface to apply a final spray coat.
  • More material is used, which translates to more coverage on the asphalt and better long term protection. The squeegee application typically uses about 50-60% more sealer on the initial application.

After the initial squeegee, a uniform spray application of sealer provides the finishing touches to an ideal parking lot. The spray application leaves more material on top of the heavily applied first squeegee coat, giving a smooth, consistent finish with optimal longevity. Additionally, high traffic areas can receive a third coat with or without an additive, further prolonging the performance of the sealer job. Additionally, Southeast Sealcoat has 2 machines to evenly apply the sealer back and forth. We pride ourselves in not only having the best, state-of-the-art equipment and the know how to properly handle each sealcoating job to provide the maximum satisfaction to our customers.  As the leading sealcoat contractor in the Evans, GA area and the Augusta, GA, we offer our customers the options to not only control the cost, but also give them the best chance to have a long lasting parking lot.