Selecting A Contractor

Paving Contractors – Know What to Look For

Unfortunately, for every good sealcoating contractor there could be 10 that have no business being in the industry.When looking for a qualified contractor, several questions should be asked.

  • Do they have the equipment and employees to get the job done CORRECTLY?
  • Are they willing to do all the work that needs to be done? Crack filling, oil spot treating, proper additives, etc.
  • Will they, in writing, guarantee the work for a specified period of time.
  • Are they financially strong, can they warranty the service they are providing.
  • Do they own the equipment necessary to get the job done correctly– do they have a squeegee machine, hot melt kettles, crack cleaning devices, hot lance to dry cracks thoroughly.
  • What material are they using and what is the dilution? If it pours and splashes like water it probably is.
  • Is the contractor more than 10% less than other bidders? This is a red flag for sure. Why are they cheaper and what is NOT getting done?
  • Is the bid spelled out exactly what is being done, what services are being performed in the prep work, which is equally as important as how the material is being applied.
  • How long does the asphalt take to cure? When the weather is warm, a 2 coat application will take a full 24 hours to complete. It will take a few hours between applications and then proper drying time before cars should be allowed to drive on it.

At Southeast Sealcoat, we are committed to this business and the service. We have the finest equipment in the area. When purchasing equipment, our first question wasn’t cost but how does that help the application we are doing. For example, a hot melt tank can cost $800 or $4,800. They both melt rubber so that it can be poured. However, the less expensive model doesn’t have temperature control. Why does that matter? Well, if the melted rubber gets too hot, it catches on fire. Putting out the fire is easy, but the product is ruined. When burnt material is applied, it won’t allow the sealer to stick. This causes massive peeling and tracking of the rubber. In the South, this is a major problem and should be a concern for you. Even application of material should also be a concern. Ever wonder why the edges of the asphalt look so good? It is because they are generally hand broomed or squeegeed while the rest of the parking lot is simply sprayed.

All contractors are not equal. You are investing in your business and parking lot and deserve to get the best job for the best price you can. Many contractors are simply out for the quickest end game, which is to get a check. We are taking the time and spending the money on equipment so that the work we do lasts and you get the professional looking and long term protection you deserve.